Cross Docking

Warehouse Management System is the system that can send and receive products at the same time. To achieve the highest performance, development team brings each of the new technologies to joint development. Because we realize that the effective inventory management is the important factor in reducing costs and increasing profits for the entrepreneur.







  • Reduce the warehouse maintenance, and make truly “Just in time” logistics.
  • Resolve the issue of unfair distribution.
  • Send order to supplier, accurately and quickly.
  • Will not find the issue of lost item between delivery products.
  • Can pre-order the product.
  • Convenience to receive products, by using “box” as measurement unit.
  • Do not waste time to check the accuracy of information.


Sub SystemCargo Route

Master System is the sub-system that can manage the main information what using in the system such as product information, branch information, and route of delivery information. By the design work for this sub-system, it focuses on the accuracy of the information, the convenience in importing information into the system. To increasing speed and ease of use, it can be done by typing information and importing file into the system.

Purchase Order System is the sub-system that can manage the sending order to supplier. By this sub-system, it checks for the accuracy of price and product with supplier. And it is used to send order via email and fax through the system. To solve the issue of lost item between delivery products, the system shall be notified to supplier when the case of incomplete sending order is occurred.

Receive System is the sub-system that uses in the receiving products. By this sub-system, it opens the channels for receiving products via handheld or direct receiving product information from the system. It is convenience to receive products, by displaying expiration date information, acceptable products, and the total package of delivered products.

Assorting System is the sub-system that uses in the shipping of products to each branch. By using the special formula calculation to avoid the issue of branch which is not ever been sent or getting the incomplete products continuously. The system has the manual assorted channel by a report released by each type of products.

Delivery System is the sub-system that can manage the route of delivery products and shipment reporting. It is sorted by the route of delivery products, and including the return damaged item function from delivery products.

System's Features

System's Features

  • System can check the accuracy of the data automatically.
  • Sending order to supplier via Email and Fax.
  • System can receive the products by various channels like Handheld, Client.
  • Managed by the automatic product distribution.
  • System can send and receive the product at the same time.
  • System shall reporting from anywhere on the network.
  • System supports the working plan in the emergency case.
  • System shall reporting the summary of work each day.
  • System can notify via Email when the problem is occurred.
  • System has the reserved channel to connection with other (via File).
  • System has the security by using the encryption in every process.