Measurement & Control System

Golf Cart System

GCS (Golf Cart System) is the system that makes convenience in playing golf and control playing in the golf course. This system is divided to 3 main parts which are the following :

  • Part of display and collaborate with golf players  This part is focused on the necessary information you need to hit the ball. By using the capabilities of GPS system for calculate the precisely position. And the capabilities of 3G system for communicate between the golf cart and the control center can work real time, to send and receive the necessary data continuously.
  • Part of display and collaborate with the control room staff  This part is focused on the following overview of all the players in the golf course. It is the part to give advice and assist in an emergency case. With the capabilities of GPS system, will help the staff to know the player’s position in the golf course precisely and timely manner.
  • Part of display at the lobby  This part is focused on displaying the result of playing by real time, for visitors or friends of golf players who are not in the golf course can see the current score.

With the capabilities of Golf Cart System (GCS) as already mentioned above. As you can see, this system is combined themodern technologies to achieve the highest performance system, both in terms of usability and increased safety for players in the golf course.



Why do you need GCS ?

Most of golf players will face these problems :

  • Require a note from Caddy, which may be due to an error more easily.
  • Don’t know where it is and how far of facilities that are in the golf course.
  • Relies on the ability of Caddy to say where it is and how much distance of hazard.
  • Relies on the ability of Caddy to say the area of the golf course, each hole is.
  • Don’t know the waste time to play each hole.
  • Don’t know how much distance of golf players at the front.
  • Contact with control center is quite difficult.
  • Control center cannot notify the problem to all players immediately.


Position Golf Cart


How GCS helps you get better playing golf ?

  • Display golf course map and current position of golf cart.
  • Display distance of golf cart at the front, to increase safety for players in the golf course.
  • Display the position of all golf carts in the golf course.
  • Display zoom image for each hole in the golf course.
  • Display the precisely distance for Hazard, Green and Hole.
  • Display taken time for each hole.
  • Easy and convenient to record the result via touch screen.
  • No lost connection because supported via Wifi and Mobile Network.
  • Display the direction of the turn in the intersection of routes automatically.
  • Send message from golf cart to ask for help from control center.
  • Control center can send message to all golf carts or selected golf cart.

Cart terminal features

Golf Map
Display the overview of playing golf course

With the capabilities of GCS, players can see the overview of golf course, including the position of their golf cart and another player, along with the distance from their golf cart and the front golf cart. It can also display total time of a round of golf, for helping player in planning precisely.

Ease of recording the result

Players can easily and conveniently record the playing result via touch screen. System will display virtual keyboard for input their playing score, to record in the system and send to the control center automatically.

Golf Screen



Display necessary information you need to hit the ball

When the players move through each point of the golf course, the system will display information of golf course at that hole. To characterize landscape in detail, by displaying animation with important data using for predict the distance you hit the ball.

The main data are composed of the distance from hole, characteristic and distance of green, and position and distance of hazard.




Send and Receive emergency message continuously

If players want to report problem or information back to the control center, they can easily done with emergency message function like alert for injured player, alert for golf club lost.

If control center would like to alarm or announce the information, they can send the emergency message to the selected golf cart or all of golf carts.

Emergency Screen





Several Communication Channels

Sending and receiving data between golf cart and control center can be done through Wifi and Mobile Network. The system can be send and receive the data anytime.

Center features

Center Features

Control Center can always follow the players always
At the control center, they can track the playing result and playing information by real time, not just the player information on each golf cart, golf cart time out, taken time of playing, current position of hole, current position of the front golf cart, distance from the front golf cart (yards), including playing information of delayed golf cart or lost connection for a long time.

Control Center can track movements of players in the golf course fast and convenient

With the capabilities to display the animation of playing, route, position of golf carts in the golf course, can clearly see the rest position of each Plus and Hazard in the golf course, including the number of current golf cart in each hole, to see the happened traffic status.

In addition, they can send message to the players in the golf course faster.

Center Feature


Center Features



Managing and assisting players in the golf course faster

For convenience to the players and consider the safety as the main point. Players can always send message to contact with the control center such the case of cart broke down, golf club lost, golf club found, or injured player.

In contrast, control center can notify the weather alarm, and send the necessary information distributed to players in the golf course faster.


Display the completely playing result

Customers who sit in Lobby can track the playing result via the display program of GCS. GCS will display the name of all players and score for each player of that day.

Center Features