Software Development

We specialize in software design and development. We can design and develop software to serve any of your goals, including restructuring or redevelopment of existing systems to increase compatibility between each unit in an organization. From your requirement, we will select the technology that best fit to your needs, can be developed and deployed quickly, easy to maintain, and the most important thing is that you have the final solution as the best system that answers your requirements. And with our qualified and experienced programmers, you will be able to resume to normal operation in short time.

Our main areas are :

  • Measurement Control System (Jet Engine System)  Our customer is an industry member performing in engineering, research and development, consultation, design, procurement, production and construction of aero-engine test facility. Developed in Japan , our measurement control system is used for inspection and control of jet engines. The system communicates with engine via RS232C, reads sensor measurement via DIO, transmits data for real time processing, and displays the results in various forms such as: analog display, line graph display, and color graph display. Real time OS is used to meet the requirement for time interval less than 100 msec. The technologies we used are: C++, network communication, engine control (e.g. RS232C) and real time OS.
  • Production Control Application  We also design a control system to control all steps of production process; including receiving of purchase order, production planning, and preparation of raw materials by means of MRP, finished product delivery, and computation of production cost. The development of this system is based on Oracle, with Java and C languages, which makes it easy to modify to particular requirements of each customer. This system was primarily applied to an auto part manufacturer and then other types of factory local and abroad.
  • Retail System  To support our customer convenience store business, we developed an application that supports goods purchasing, seller information checking, list of goods, prices, and other information, all via web browser, which makes it robust, convenient and fast. The Struts Framework is applied to build a J2EE web-based application. The technologies we used are web sphere, Java, JSP Server and Struts.