iOS Moblie App Development

iHRM (iOS Human Resource Management)

iHRM is an internal iOS application which displays the company staff data – staff position, staff leave information. Additionally, the application can represent the set of data as a table, pie chart, or line graph rapidly for assisting management consideration and estimation.

Why use this application?




Why use this application?


       1.    Easy and quickly to search in every screen

       2.   Variously to determine condition of data representation (date, week, month, or year)

       3.   Alternately to represent of information for presenting data to administrative section




Application Features


1.   Display number of staff aggregated by position (PM, SE SSD, and SD)

2.   Display staff skill, such as programming language skill for staff in SD section

3.   Display leave information statistics grouped by types, such as annual leave, private leave, sick leave, and other special leaves

4.   Display leave information of each employees

Features iHRM

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