Web Application Development


ExForce is a framework to help you develop a web application in a few easy steps. All you need to do are to design your screen in Excel, and to define mappings and actions between screens and database. No complicated coding is required and you need not to be a programmer to develop a web application. ExForce can reduce development time by 5 to 10 times from normal web application development. End-users can access the application from any PC with web browser.



User interface design can be totally done in Excel

  • Appearance: font, font size, table size, table border, color
  • ActiveX controllers: button, combo box
  • Charts

Embed formula in cells

Various database are supported

  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Access
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Cross-browser support

  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Customizable by external JavaScript

  • API functions to access and modify internal object in the framework

Development Steps

1. Build Forms First, design screens or forms in Excel. You may add buttons or combo boxes, set foreground/background color, adjust font sizes in the same way you do when you create an Excel document.

2. Create setting with Setting Editor When you have screens you create from Excel, next you just assign mappings between your screens and database. You define which part of the screen shows which data from the database. If you have any buttons on the screen, you need to tell what actions these buttons perform. All definitions can be easily done in our Setting Editor tool. It assists you to create settings for all screens you design step by step.

3. (Optional) Customize a web application with JavaScript In most cases, ExForce framework can help you create common web applications; however, in some cases, when you need to add some extra actions to your screen, you can customize these actions by using JavaScript. ExForce framework provides API in order that you can access to or adjust internal objects to serve your purposes.

4. Publish to a web server After you put output from step 1-3 to a web server installed with ExForce, your web application is ready for use. Users can browse to the application via web browsers.

Development Steps



Easy to develop even without programming skills
You do not need to be a programmer to develop a web application. Any staff experienced with Excel and Access can develop an application with ExForce easily.

Convert current offline excel documents into web applications and share data throughout your company via browsers
ExForce is an easy approach to share data among staff, which eventually enhances internal collaboration in
your company. Imagine how smoothly internal work will be done when necessary data can be access anywhere anytime.

Reduce outsourcing budget
Staff without programming skills can develop a web application themselves. Thus, budget for external development can be reduced.