Message from Top Management


                      What we are usually keeping in mind is providing continuously the environment that all company employees can express their ideas freely, then practice it, and feel their daily growth actually. Nevertheless, free expression of ideas is that, the employees must have their self-control. In other words, this environment may be strict, but it could be a suitable one for those who are diligent.

“establish the hundred-year business which is the representative of Asia”


Our company’s vision is to “establish the hundred-year business which is the representative of Asia”. We aim for the organization that has a great love of software, continues being the venture business that looks ahead to change of period, and gives the effects of social stimulation.


Consequently, e-Synergy will provide high-added value software consistently by the explosive synergy efficiency with the point of an innovative e-business as the main. All employees will work like the ameba, and reach the goal with their explosive synergy efficiency.


In order to achieve our company’s vision together, all employees do not only have to face against any problems as the teamwork, but also generate many new things. Next, we consider toward the individual as well as punctuality, and keep the promises both due date and quality (The act of promise is called “commitment”, but the word “commitment” has also the meaning of “responsibility” included). Besides, the seniority system is prohibited in e-Synergy. We always give the opportunities for everybody to discuss anything, and pay respect to the individual aspect. Furthermore, our company continues being the high moral business. All staffs have to follow the regulation. They do not neglect to attempt every day in order to grow up individually, and do not fear for challenging with any new things.


By the way, the company’s strength could be an exist of senior who has a lot of studying and working experiences in Japan, or many seniors who have ever participated in the other oversea projects, since gaining experiences in only Thailand seems insufficient. However, human resource is our company’s property. This company will support any person who does not neglect to attempt to grow up every day, as much as possible.

Mr. Atsuyoshi Komori

Managing Director